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Matrix Plastics is a 2021 SEGRO billboard winner!

Slough Trading Estate (Berkshire, UK) is Europe's biggest trading estate under single ownership, and has been home to the Matrix Plastics HQ since 1997. The estate has quite the history: it started as a military repair depot during the First World War and is today home to many of the world’s most successful companies including Mars, Telefonica O2, Ferrari, DHL, Lanes Group and UCB. The estate is wholly owned and managed by SEGRO, Europe’s leading provider of Flexible Business Space.

In order to celebrate the many extraordinary businesses that are based in the Slough Trading Estate, SEGRO host a yearly competition to win billboard advertising space around the estate.

“What has made your company extraordinary this year?” was this year's brief, which had to answered in 20 words or less. Matrix Plastics are thrilled to have been chosen as a winner.

Our winning entry was:

When the country shut down, we stood up. 24/7 medical plastics manufacturing to help fight against the unprecedented Covid-19 virus.

2020 was the year that Matrix Plastics established Matrix Medical Plastics - a dedicated, cleanroom plastic compounding facility to support the manufacture of plastic products in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. With an unprecedented demand for medical products came a huge responsibility to pull out every stop and work around the clock to do meet demand.

Our billboard is now visible to all Slough Trading Estate visitors. Let us know if you see it!


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