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Laser marking services now available at Matrix Plastics and Matrix Medical Materials

Matrix Plastics and subsidiary company, Matrix Medical Materials, have recently made a substantial investment into expanding its capabilities and service offering customers, with the installation of the N-Lase Desktop Pro.

This new high-tech equipment boasts a powerful 20W-50W MOPA fibre laser source which can easily mark metals, plastics, anodised or coated materials and a plethora of other substrates in seconds. This makes the marking of product codes, serial numbers and batch numbers – all necessary requirements to meet the stringent quality control standards of medical materials and products – an add-on service from Matrix. Its 160 lens provides a generous 100mm x 100mm marking area, and the 3-sided (270 degrees) door facilitates the marking of larger items that would not be possible with a traditional one-sided door opening.

“With laser marking becoming more and more popular in the medical product sector with regards to quality assurance, this new technology will mean we can even better serve our customers from our fully ISO 13485:2016 certified medical compounding facility.” Nigel Batt, Managing Director of Matrix Plastics.

With safety being of utmost importance, the N-Lase Desktop Pro is classified as a Class 1 laser machine, meaning that the system is safe to operate under all conditions of normal use and no additional safety equipment is required.

In keeping with the ethos of Matrix Plastics and Matrix Medical Materials, the N-Lase Desktop Pro is designed, developed and manufactured in the UK.

Are you a medical product designer or manufacturing needing to incorporate laser marking into the development of your materials and products? Contact Matrix Plastics with your requirements today.

The N-Lase Desktop Pro laser marking machine now in use at Matrix Plastics and Matrix Medical Materials



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