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Matrix Medical Plastics increases capacity with second line.

Since launching in October 2020, Matrix Medical Plastics - a subsidiary of Matrix Plastics - has gone from strength to strength. In response for the incredible demand that we've seen, we have now introduced a second line to the dedicated medical factory. This addition has increased our capacity potential by 32%.

Matrix Medical Plastics was the UK's first cleanroom extrusion facility, with a uncompromising approach to hygiene, quality and process control. With the stringent requirements of the medical sector at the forefront of medical manufacturer priorities, Matrix Medical Plastics gives designers and processors complete peace of mind by providing dedicated colour compounding and masterbatch services specifically for medical products.

Matrix Medical Plastics processes polymer material for a wide range of medical applications including asthma inhalers, syringes and syringe accessories and, as part of the response and management of the Covid-19 pandemic, lateral flow test components.

Here at Matrix, we are known to follow the 5S principles of business management, which support a lean and efficient workspace with a maximum value output. This methodology is employed through the Matrix Plastics business, with special emphasis in the medical factory in order to adhere to strict quality guidelines.

You can learn more about Matrix Medical Plastics' capabilities here and contact us directly to discuss your requirements here. Make sure you check out our virtual tour to explore the Matrix Medical Plastics facility!


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