About US

Matrix Plastics is based in a new purpose built 21st century plastics manufacturing plant in the centre of the South East of England just 10 minutes from London Heathrow Airport and 5 minutes from high speed Rail lines into London.

Matrix Plastics produce colours for use in the European plastics industry and specialise in producing technical customised compounds for use in aviation, automobile, defence, educational and life science industries.

Matrix also produce colour masterbatches for food, health care pharmarceutical and point of display products in the fast moving consumer goods market.

Production is continous and our factory produces 24 hours a day and 7 days a week using the latest plastic technology equipment to maximise output with the minimum amount of energy usage, outlining the need for continous investment in more energy efficient equipment to meet demands of more production and less electrical power usage.

Since 1996 Matrix Plastics has converted all their plastic and paper waste into energy fuel bricks that can be converted into electricity at a power station which is only 750 metres away from our production facility. This eliminates land fill and reduces our energy costs. Wood is also re-cycled by a different source.

Manufacturing staff that are trained and dedicated to providing a quality service and product throughout the Matrix business.

Our sales office and conference centre has the environment that is conducive to creative ideas offering designers ,marketeers and engineers the opportunity to see their chosen colours in artificial daylight or a dedicated room with "retail" supermarket lighting installed to give the creator of the new colour the exact feeling a consumer would have in a high street store or supermarket chain.

Looking at the colour as it would appear on the shelf often helps designers become more effective in the right colour choice for the re-branded or new product that they are ultimately getting to market.

Colour matches take 1 hour on site or 24 hours from receipt in the mail or courier system. All members of staff are committed to providing efficient ,friendly and exceptional customer service.

Production capacity at our facility is 8,500 tonnes per annum and our lot size of each colour is determined by our customer as there is no minimum or maximum of product we will produce for our clients. Product is packaged in 25kgs standard bags and for customers who prefer lower weights we manufacture a lighter mini-bag at 15kgs.

Product can also be packaged in 500kgs and 1000kgs octabins for bulk handling. Engineering materials that are sensitive to moisture can be packaged in aluminium foil bags and then vacuum packed to offer 100% moisture free product to our customers.

Matrix plastics warmly welcome you and your team to audit our quality systems or just visit our facilities at the Slough based plant in the near future.